Thursday, November 8, 2012

BH Cosmetics goodies

Well guess what came in the mail? I figure you've already guessed since it's in the title and yes my gorgeous ladies, you're right! My prize from the "Back To School" competition finally came after almost a month's wait. I was super excited to open the package and examine all my goodies :D I wanted to show you the photos and do a little review on the products.

Le box :))

This is the travel's actually smaller than I imagined but i like the fact that it's pretty solid and doesn't wrinkle or get flat.

The three palettes

The 28 color palette looks really amazing...I love the colors in it even though I don't really wear smokey eyes that often but I guess I'm gonna give it a try with this new palette. You can also create lots of beautiful nude or soft looks with the colors.

Aaaand a look I created with this palette 

The Contour and Blush palette is really good, pigmented and easy to blend. The only thing that I don't like about it is that the blushes are matte and I like my dose of shimmer...but I guess I can blend it with some Lime Crime Top Hattie eyeshadow for some  sparkle

What really blew my mind was the Lip Gloss Palette...usually when you buy a palette with many lip glosses they're not really pigmented and they're dry and sticky...but surprisingly, this BH palette is absolutely gorgeous! What you see is what you get...the colors stay true...absolutely amazing.

I want to thank BH Cosmetics again for the amazing prizes and also give a thumbs up to their amazing store...check it out here:

My cat loves BH Cosmetics too :)))

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