Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Catching up & Lifestyle change

Hello girls! I'm so sorry for being such a lazy ass and not posting anything in a really long time...I have no particular reason why I did so...I just didn't feel like it. I actually don't feel like anything lately, the weather is so depressing, and makes you just wanna snuggle your pillow and not get out of bed.
So anyways, to catch up with what I did, I'll start by telling you what MIRACLE face products I have :D My mom recently returned from her vacation in Jordany and she came home with half a suitcase filled with Dead Sea Minerals enriched cosmetics :)) Which was to my absolute joy since I am a total hoarder when it comes to stuff like this. I was a bit reluctant at first because I have never used products like that but was really eager to do so since my face decided to go nuts :)).
I have a whole stack of masks and facial creams, serums, body scrubs, facial scrubs, mud masks etc. all of them from Dead Sea Fortune and so far I have tried the facial scrub, body scrub, face mud mask, day&night cream and body butter. Let me just say HOLY CRAP! My face has never looked and felt better! The first time I applied the mud mask it stung a bit and the next day I had some zits appear but then everything went smooth. I am so in love with these products, they really work and I really love that they are based on natural ingredients!

Next up I decided that I got sick and tired of complaining about my body and not doing anything about it so I started going to the gym and lately I gave up on sodas or any kind of sugary drink. I only drink flat water with lemon or tea. Don't get me wrong now, I don't think I'm fat...I'm like 1,68 m and 53 kg which is almost too little for my height but I have no muscle tone what so ever...everything just hangs there :)) I want abs and butt and legs! :D Next step and the hardest will be giving up on sweets which I absolutely LOVE! Like...crazy love...but slowly I will reduce the amount I eat. I'm expecting to see some visible progress within the next 2 months and share it with you.

Third and last thing, I wanted to show you some of the looks I did :)

Lazuli Liner

 Sweet Valentine . Tutorial:

Precious Jade

 Bird of Darnassus

Starcraft 2- Sarrah Kerrigan as Queen of Blades