Monday, October 8, 2012

Coral in the sea Look with tutorial

Hello darlings! Sorry for being so late with the tutorial for this look. I've come down with the flu these days, sadly so I haven't had time for blogging much, and there's college to attend to and so on. Anyways, before I post the look and the tutorial, I wanted to share some amazing news with you girls. Lime Crime has come up with this new and absolutely amazing collection named "Alchemy".

The collection contains one eyeshadow palette with 5 stunning colors, two surreal lipsticks which will blow your mind and a "mook" which is a small booklet with photos. The collection is due to premiere on Oct 13th so keep your eyes peeled. As usual, they have been kind enough to provide me with the collection so I'm pretty excited to get it! It will be amazing! Aaaand, as the cherry on top of an exquisite chocolate cake, Lime Crime is preparing something'll find out pretty soon! Better stay tuned!

Back to our topic's the look I created and the products I used, along with a tutorial! Kisses!

Products used:
FACE: L'Oreal Le Teint Accord Parfait (Rose Ivory)
L'Oreal Concealer (Ivory)
Rimmel London Silky Loose Powder
E.l.f. illuminating cream

EYES: NYX primer
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Oyster
Lime Crime Aquataenia in Coral of the Story, Nautilus Prime and Atlanteal
Sleek Acid Palette
Flormar 5 color palette #06
Lime Crime Magic Dust in Top Hattie
Rimmel London Glam Eyes Liquid Liner
Lime Crime Uniliner in Lazuli
Avon Plump Out Mascara

CHEEKS: E.l.f. Beauty Encyclopedia Face Edition (Bronzer and Blush)
LIPS: Lime Crime Opaque Lipstick in My Beautiful Rocket + Centrifuchsia

Step 1: Prime your eyes and add NYX Jumbo Pencil in Oyster

Step 2: Add coral eyeshadow (Lime Crime Aquataenia in Coral of the Story)

Step 3: Highlight inner corner (Flormar 5 color palette #06 Light Pink)

Step 3: Add hot pink eyeshadow (Sleek Acid - Pink)

Step 4: Blend purple over (Sleek Acid-Purple)

Step 5: Blend the purple upward (Flormar 5 color palette #06 Light Purple)

Step 6: Add highlight (1) and navy blue (2) to lower lash line, stopping half way in 
( 1.Lime Crime in Top Hattie, 2.LC Aquataenia in Nautilus Prime)

Step 7: Continue with light shimmering blue  (LC Aquataenia in Atlanteal)

Step 8: Line and mascara your lashes (Rimmel London Glam Eyes Liner and LC Uniliner in Lazuli)

Hope you liked this tutorial! If you don't have those precise eyeshadows you can always find swatches or ask me to give you swatches from other more accessible palettes.

Also, as I promised, here are some photos of my new hair color (which is pretty much the same as the last one only it's darker and it has a violet hue). I've started using hair dye with ammonia and to my surprise I love makes my hair shiny!

Thanks to my fiance for the photos!

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