Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend Shopping Spree and News!

Hello luvs! :) Before I start, let me share some wonderful news! As some of you might know, I participated in the BH Cosmetics sponsored Back To School Competition  on  and a week ago I got an e-mail announcing that I had been chosen as one of the three winners! You can only imagine how happy I was :D I will be receiving some amazing prizes and I will post some pics as soon as they arrive but meanwhile this is what i'll be receiving.

28 Color Smokey Palette
Blush and Contour Palette

88 Lip Glos Palette

So this weekend turned out very nice despite the rainy weather. I visited my ex apartment mate from where I attended college for 2 years...well we actually went there to do some shopping since I never find anything nice in my town and my fiance can't find good shoes here either. The shopping spree was almost a success....I didn't find any winter coats worth the money (well there was a gorgeous one but it was white and I'm not good with being careful ). I ended up buying a Stradivarius denim shirt...i got an L one even tough I'm an M or S, a pair of tights from Terranova and Zara boots. :D Hope you like them!

My ZARA TRF booties :D nice and warm!

Stradivarius Denim Shirt

For any thoughts and suggestions feel free to comment! 

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