Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Touch of Purple (with tutorial)

Hello ladies! Some of you may have seen my post on my facebook page, but for those of you who haven't, I did this look for a wedding I went to this previous Saturday. It was actually my first wedding with my fiance, and I was very keen on matching our clothes. Since he didn't have a black tie, I decided to match my make-up with his tie so I ended up doing a purple tone look. I also thought of you guys and I did a step-by-step photo tutorial on it. I really hope you like this look and if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to comment below! Kisses!

Products used:  
Face:   Rimmel London Lasting Finish Foundation; 
           Wet n' Wild CoverAll concealer, 
           Rimmel London Silky Loose Powder.
Eyes:    NYX eyeshadow primer (skin tone)
            Lime Crime Magic Dust (Nymph)
            Sleek Acid (Pink, Purple)
            Lime Crime Magic Dust (Twilight, Empress)
            Lime Crime Magic Dust (Top Hattie) as highlight
            Sleek PPQ palette (Lilac Allen) 
            Wet n' Wild Mega Liner
             Red Cherry False Lashes ( # 205)
             Rimmel London Scandaleyes Mascara

Cheeks:  Giordani Gold Bronzing Pearls
Lips: Sephora Lipstick ( don't know the name but it's a peachy shimmery color)

Step 1: Add shimmering ivory color to the inner half of the lid

 Step 2: Add hot pink color to the other half and blend well 

Step 3: Add a purple color over the pink one and blend over

Step 4: Add a darker purple for more dimension and effect

Step 5: Highlight your browbone with a white shimmering color and do your lower lash line with a dark purple color. Stop halfway through,

Step 6: Add a shimmering light purple to the other inner half to make your eyes pop and to illuminate them

Step 7: Line your eyes with liquid eyeliner in a cat-shape. I opted for a smaller line since I wore false lashes and did not want to overwhelm the look.

Step 8: False lashes and mascara. You can totally pull this off without false lashes but since I was going to a wedding I wanted the look to be more dramatic.

Great! Now you're done! Make sure you wear a peachy blush or a soft bronzer with this look and wrap it all up with a soft pink or a shimmering peachy lipstick. Lip gloss is optional ;) (if you don't have a date) :))

Here's a picture of me and my wonderful future husband at the wedding plus a photo of my hair, which I thank Emilia for one more time!


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