Thursday, September 13, 2012

Invisible Makeup. Making a difference.

Hello darlings! It may come as a surprise to you or maybe not, but this is actually the first time I've ever tried "invisible" makeup. Well, the thing is that ever since I've started doing makeup I've never walked out the house without it, or if i did, I either had no makeup at all and wore sunglasses or I just pulled off a simple eyeliner with pink or purple lips. This week however, I haven't had much time to do my makeup so I opted for something simple but face illuminating and effective. You'd be amazed of the difference a little foundation makes.
Here's how you can look fresh and pretty without looking overdone or with too much makeup, for those days when you just don't feel like it.

Step 1: Make sure your face is clean. Wipe off the excess sebum or impurities with a cosmetic cotton disc and tonic lotion. (My favorite is Garnier's Tonic Lotion with either grapes or astringent lotion). Apply a light hydrating cream if you feel that your face is too dry.

Step 2: Apply your foundation. As we want a natural and soft look and avoid a caked face, simply add a dot of foundation to both of your cheeks, forehead and chin. This should be enough to lightly cover your blemishes and also level your skin tone. Use a foundation brush for a natural airbrushed look.

Step 3: Conceal! Take your favorite concealer and conceal under your eyes using the lightest concealer, and then conceal around your nose and edges of your mouth with a concealer closest to your skin tone. Blend everything into your foundation. If you have any redness on your face, a green concealer should be applied prior to the skin tone one.

Step 4: Powder to set everything in place! Choose a soft loose powder and apply a small amount using a powder brush to set your foundation and concealer and to give everything a uniform look. My personal favorite powder is Rimmel London's Silky Loose Powder.

Step 5: Fill in your eyebrows but don't overdo them! Remember, we're aiming for a natural look. Just fill in the visible and disturbing gaps. As Marlena from said, find a brow pencil with a kaki undertone.

Step 6: Apply a primer on your eyelid before any eye-shadow. Find a matte eyeshadow which is closest to your skin tone and apply it all over your lid and on the lower lash line. Then, take a matte white eye-shadow and highlight your brow bone and the inner corners of your eyes (here you can also use a shimmering white).

Step 7: Mascara your lashes. Here it depends on how you like them. I like my lashes well coated but if you feel that's too much, one coat should do the trick.

Step 8: Apply your favorite blush in a discreet layer just enough to give you that rosy flushed look. Finish everything off with either a simple coral lipstick or a clear lip gloss.

Here is my before and after using the technique described previously! (Yes, I look horror :)) Bad sleep...)

I hope this was useful and if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to ask or e-mail me at

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