Sunday, January 13, 2013

Lime Crime Carousel Glosses and special makeup!

Hello my beautiful followers! First of all I hope that all of you are having the most amazing 2013! Sorry for being MIA, but it's been crazy with the holidays and all, and currently I'm elbow deep in some projects and I barely had the time to do any sophisticated makeup.
Lime Crime has been so sweet as to send me the amazing gloss trio which includes Present, Hollygram and Snowsicle. Let me just say WOW! and not the game...we'll get to that part later. :))

So, this is my personal impression on the glosses:
1. I absolutely love the boxing! It's so original and cute that even my fiance liked it.
2. The lip brush is perfect for applying the gloss accordingly to fit your if you have smaller lips this is your go-to brush.
3. They smell delicious! Really, i could just eat them off my lips.
4. The pigmentation is gorgeous! I'm not sure when I'll get the chance to wear green lip gloss but I still love the tiny sparkles in it.
5. Snowsickle is the most amazing gloss I have ever can wear it simple or over any other matte shade to give it an extra sparkle.

Here's a few photos and swatches




So for me....they get a 5/5 rating!

So lately I have gone mad for in World of Warcraft, my hubby bought me the WOW Battle Chest which includes the first three expansions and I'm like in love with this game. (Gonna play after I post this). I love it so much I decided to start a short makeup series which includes the two sides, Alliance and Horde.
Without further interpretation of Alliance.

Hope you enjoyed this and keep close for more of my looks!

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