Thursday, December 6, 2012

Lime Crime Christmas Glam Look

Hello ladies! I've been having some difficulties starting the video tutorials because the webcam I wanted to use doesn't have enough frames per second :( boo! And...since I need a new phone I said I'd wait longer and get one that records in HD...I wanted Samsung Galaxy S3 but I'd rather buy a laptop than spend so much on a phone :))
Anyways, until I get the whole youtube video tutorials started, here's a step-by-step tutorial for a glamorous and colorful holiday look. I actually tried this look with two types of lipsticks.

I've used  Lime Crime's Alchemy Collection  for the eyes and lips along with Quill and Rhyme eyeliners. Thank you again Lime Crime for the awesome products!

Step 1
Prime your lids using your favorite primer, then take Serpentina lipstick and take some product using your finger and apply on your lids as a base.

Step 2
Using a flat brush, apply Lucky Charm over the green base.

Step 3
Take a stiff blending brush and apply Incantation over Lucky Charm and blend upwards.

Step 4
Highlight your brow bone to even out the remaining space, using Spellbound.

Step 5
Take a smaller brush and using Lucky Charm line your lower lash line. Stop half way in.

Step 6
Using that same brush, apply Love Potion no. 9 all the way to the inner corner.

Step 7
Take some more Spellbound and highlight your inner corner

Step 8
Again, take your Serpentina lipstick or if you don't have that take some chapstick on your finger and apply over the green eyeshadow, then with a flat stiff brush, apply some gold glitter. I also applied some snow-like glitter because it had some green hues to it.

Step 9
Line your eyes using Quill eyeliner, then after it's dry, line with Rhyme or a golden eyeliner over the black one.

Step 10
Appy false lashes or simply mascara your own ones.

Step 11
Cover your lips with a generous coat of Poisonberry lipstick or if this is too much for you go for a nude, peach or even orange lipstick.

Here's the final look:

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  1. this is just gorgeous. you have beautiful eyes to begin with, though, and I could never get this look even if I followed step by step. you do have me listing after Lime Crime's stuff, though. I want it in a bad way!