Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Makeup Geek Eyeshadows Review & Swatches

Salutare gagici! :D Revin astazi cu postarea unui review despre fardurile pe care le-am primit de la MakeupGeek.com si despre care vreau sa spun ca sunt ffff multumita!
Inainte sa va descriu fardurile vreau sa le multumesc inca o data lui Marlena si Brittany pentru ca au fost atat de dragute incat sa-mi trimita aceste farduri si le urez muuulte vanzari in continuare!
Asa, inapoi la oile noastre....Deci imi place la nebunie designul pachetului! Este atat de colorat si vesel, iar punctul forte este ca fiecare pachetel are un "hublou" ( ca altfel nu stiu cum sa-i spun) atat in fata unde poti vedea culoarea cat si in spate unde poti vedea numele fardului.
Fardurile au o textura foarte placuta si sunt foarte pigmentate si rezistente, iar nunatele sunt vii si placute. Eu am putut sa-mi aleg cele 9 culori si le-am ales in functie de nevoie...m-am uitat prin palete sa vad ce nu prea am :D
Singurul lucru de care imi pare rau e ca momentan nu am o paleta in care sa le pot pune (deoarece sunt farduri individuale care vin puse in paleta)
Sa vina pozele! :))

Hello there gorgeous girls! :D I'm posting today a review on the eyeshadows i received from MakeupGeek.com and of which i  am verrryyy very pleased!
Before I start describing the eyeshadows I want to thank Marlena and Brittany again for being so sweet as to sending me these eyeshadows and I wish them many many sales to come!
So, back to business....I really love the design of the packages! It's so colorful and cheerful, and the upside to it is that every package has a tiny "porthole" ( I don't know how to call it ) :)) on the front of the pack where you can see the color and on the back where you can see the name of the color.
The eyeshadows have a very pleasant texture and are very pigmented and resistant, and the tones are lively and nice. I had the chance to choose the 9 eyeshadows they sent me so I picked them out according to what I needed...I browsed through my other palettes to see what I was missing. :D The only thing I'm sorry for is that right now I don't have a storage case available for storing those eyeshadows.
Let the pictures begin! :))

♥ MakeupGeek!!

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